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Parlour Game - The Tracks

Parlour Game - This is the title track on the album and is about the game of love. There can't ever really be one winner, but we can all lose. I wanted to create the circular motion of a carousel with the melody, like the circles we sometimes get ourselves trapped in.

The Calling - This is one of three songs on the album which is based on a theme. In this case, the calling that I'm referring to is music as my vocation.

Even More - I was inspired to compose this song by the music of Jeff Buckley which has always created imagery in my mind, when I hear it. With Even More I wanted to bring the image of a summer evening to those listening through both the music and the words.

Demons - This is about the demons inside us that hold us back. Often the only obstacles are the ones we create ourselves.

Everything - is a dark love song about how much people will give of themselves, of their whole identity for the one they love.

La Danza D'Amore Interlude - originally I composed this as a possible bridge or middle section for Parlour Game, but even when I decided not to use it for that, I knew that I wanted to keep it and use it on the album.

Hidden Wings - is the second themed song and is about the way that people and opportunities suddenly came to me when I needed them. It meant that I was able to make this album. Sometimes it seems like the universe has everything ready in advance!

Synthesized is a song about discovering you didn't know someone as well as you thought you did, but when I wrote it 5 years ago, this wasn't from my own experience!

Magical - was originally inspired by an instrumental by C_house1. It's about losing yourself in music and dance. The Indian style came from my work on the Indian/Western fusion instrumental piece I wrote asmākam - the quest.

The Key is the last of the themed songs on the album. I wrote some of the lyrics on the train home from the Edinburgh Festival in 2008 where I had gone with SB Dance to perform asmākam - the quest. While I was there, I discovered that I was capable of more than I thought. I finished the rest of the song when I got home, wanting it to be about self-discovery and maybe even transformation...

Strange is the oldest song on the album. I actually wrote it when I was about fifteen. It's a very different version from the one that Adam, my producer heard ten years ago! It's about finding that the person you have invested so much in, doesn't feel the same, doesn't possess the same emotions.


"Parlour Game takes you on a journey into the magical world of Eleanore with tales of love, passion, lust and hope! It is deliciously dark in places with strong echoes of goth. Each song has been beautifully crafted into a small masterpiece, reminiscent of great artists such as Kate Bush, Bjork and Evanescence, and always remaining true to its author. I got the very distinct impression that although Eleanore draws influences from these formidable artists, her work always remains original, and somehow she manages to sound like Eleanore, rather than Bush, Bjork or Evanescence."

David Durant
Head of Live and Unsigned Music at Brooklands FM

Eleanore on Eleanore

My music is very textured.  I love strings, piano and layers of vocal harmonies - that's the way I hear it in my head. When I write my songs the words and melodies come to me and as I record them in to my computer I can also hear the accompanying instrumentation that I want to build around it all.  Sometimes I even know which effects I want to use on my vocals and the kind of shape I want the song to have, maybe with an instrumental in the middle or a fade out at the end.

Over the past few years, I've also come to see that song lyrics can be a type of poetry and I now try harder and harder to write lyrics that have meaning and some kind of beauty.

I've been very lucky to find my producers Adam Pain and Roger Davis who, after a lot of resistance from me at the thought of allowing people into my music, completely understood where I was coming from and what I was trying to achieve. I've learnt that I can trust them with my songs and that letting people in can create even better things.

When it comes to putting songs on an album my main priority is that every song on there is good enough to be a single and something that I would love to listen to and that I'm proud to call mine.

I hope, as many artists do, that my music is definitive and that every track is obviously Eleanore.  I want to keep challenging my composition and vocal skills and pushing my own boundaries as I continue to create and perform my music.

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