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Advice & article links to help you install your new Eleanore & the Lost ringtone:

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Android phones:

With my phone…..the file downloaded into ‘Downloads’ and could be seen in the ‘Files’ app so I knew it had downloaded successfully.

I went to ‘Settings’, then ‘Sound’ and then clicked on ‘Phone ringtone’.

I then clicked the + sign at the top of the screen which meant ‘add ringtone’.

There was a folder called ‘Unknown artist’ which contained a folder called ‘Download’.  Inside this folder was my new ringtone!

I clicked on it and was returned to the ‘Phone ringtone’ section where I made sure the ringtone was showing as selected in the list and then pressed ‘Done’.


You can also try this article here:


Or this one for Samsung phones:



1. Open the email that will be sent to you after purchase on your computer and download the ringtone file.
2. Drag the *.m4r file from your desktop into the Ringtones folder in iTunes.
3. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.
4. Click on ‘Synchronize’ in iTunes to move the ringtone to your iPhone.
5. Unlock your iPhone and tap on the iPhone settings app, then tap on the Sounds icon and in the menu that comes up tap on the Ringtones listing.  You should see your new ringtone in the custom area at the top of the screen.


You can also launch Clock and create a new alarm with your ringtone, or use it as an alert for your timers. Apply a ringtone to a contact of your choice under Phone > Contacts.


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