Free Parlour Game CD booklet PDF


A free full colour PDF of the lyric booklet that accompanies the Parlour Game album CD.



Have you already bought the Parlour Game album from a download site but didn’t get the accompanying full colour lyric booklet?  Maybe you just want to browse through Parlour Game‘s lyrics and images?  Either way, you can download it for free right here!

Please follow the purchase process by clicking ‘Add to Basket’, then ‘View Basket’ . There will be no bank details required and when you get to the end of checkout you’ll see a big yellow button, just click this to download your PDF!  If you have any problems, just contact

Please note, only your first name, country and email address will be kept from the details you enter during this free checkout process – and used to add you to the Eleanore & the Lost mailing list.  If you don’t want to be on the mailing list, simply unsubscribe using the link in the first email you receive or contact

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